Who will install non-OEM parts I bought for my car?

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Re: Who will install non-OEM parts I bought for my car?

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livesoft wrote: Mon May 03, 2021 5:41 pm
RickBoglehead wrote: Mon May 03, 2021 5:05 pmIt's pretty clear that the OP is doing exactly what you stated above, which I bolded - converting from non-power mirrors to power-folding mirrors.
I disagree. The mirror adjustments are powered from the driver seat as is typical nowadays, but the folding is not power-folding. It is manual folding.
I may have misunderstood the OP. I thought the OP was going from standard mirrors that fold in manually to mirrors that fold in under power (a normal pickup truck upgrade).

I agree, if these are exactly the same as the OEM mirrors that came on the OP's car, it should be as simple as removing the door panel, unplug the mirror, unbolting the mirror, and doing the reverse with the replacements. Removal of door panels is easy with trim removal tools, but knowing where the fasteners are is best found on Youtube.
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Re: Who will install non-OEM parts I bought for my car?

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I think a small body shop would do it no problem. They likely wont warranty the work though but I dont see that as a major issue here.
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