Vanguard National Trust Company?

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Re: Vanguard National Trust Company?

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Re: Vanguard National Trust Company?

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Any new news here? Thanks
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Re: Vanguard National Trust Company

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shawcroft wrote: Mon Feb 16, 2015 4:15 pm
Eric wrote:BTW, you may find this site to be of interest. Among other things, it indicates that Vanguard's trust company had about $700 million under management in "personal trust and agency accounts" as of 12/31/2010. (The trust company's total assets under management are much higher, as it also holds funds under employee benefit plans and other arrangements. But that's a different kind of role.) There were a total of 540 managed personal trust and agency accounts. So it looks like the average account size is about $1.3 million. (Assuming I'm reading all this right -- please do your own due diligence and confirm with Vanguard if it's important to you.)

The number of accounts seems small, but the trust company began operations only about a decade ago so there hasn't been a lot of time for testamentary appointments to take effect.
I was reviewing this long-lived thread to see if any new comments had been added- and came across Eric's post. From the link in his message, it now appears VNTC ( as of 9/30/2014) has about $1.725 Billion in managed assets for 885 accounts - up a Billion dollars from 12/31/2010 and suggesting an average account size of $1,950,000 ( if my math is OK) -an increase from the average account size of $1.3 million Eric mentioned in his earlier post.
In view of this growth in the Trust Company assets, is there (are there) any recent experience(s) with the Vanguard National Trust Company that Bogleheads can report?
I know this is a very old thread but I came across it while independently researching the financial wherewithal of VNTC.

To update to the end of 2020, its seems that VNTC has about $5.2bn under management, in about 1,400 accounts (that seems small, doesn't it?).

That would peg their average trust under management at about $3.7m, a big leap from an average of $1.3m in 2010 and $2m in 2014.

Here is the link: ... T&typ=html
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