Asking HR for a raise

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Re: Asking HR for a raise

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wilked wrote: Thu Mar 18, 2021 12:37 pm the company stinks, your boss stinks, and you are underpaid in a market that is hot for your position.

Vote with your feet, find a new gig
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Re: Asking HR for a raise

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I suggest you re-evaluate the company you work for. A good company will create a competitive work place in terms of pay, benefits, environment, and assignments. If things are out if whack by more than say 5 or 10% and you don't see corrections coming, you need to start lining up something else. Things will get icy if you ask and they say "no". So if you do ask, be prepared to suck it up and take a "no" or to leave and join your coworker at the new place.
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Re: Asking HR for a raise

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RetireSomeday5 wrote: Mon Mar 15, 2021 12:47 pm Hey all,

I'm in an "interesting" situation. But I'll try and get right to the crux of it.

I know i'm underpaid in base salary--work for a major company. I have 1 direct report; they didn't report to me when initially hired-- they are making within $1000 of my base salary. They also have given 2 week notice that they are taking a job for $50k base more than I make ( and over 200k total- which he's probably batting above his average). The profession is highly specialized and requires an exam process, whereby I'm completed with exams---this person isn't even close to done. Everyone in the company likes me/the work i do and is disappointed my report is leaving because he adds value too.

In setting up the new hire, I have permission to hire someone up to X, which is actually 10% more than I make :oops:

I discussed with my boss who also has finished the exams and is pretty much the only other person in the company who does what we do. We have a very good relationship but he basically said "yeah, I'd hate to lose you but would completely understand if you looked around".

HR recently asked me if we "have trouble finding good candidates at the salary my report is at".

How do I respond to that? So far I just said "it's not really a straightforward answer".

Do I mention to HR I'm underpaid, or just look around for a new job? I like the job I currently have and this is purely financial.

Thanks for any advice
HR at many companies conducts equity reviews of positions - I don't know how it works at your company but I successfully advocated to HR for increases for my staff based on the fact that they were underpaid compared with other groups in similar job categories. If you have a good relationship with your boss I don't see why he wouldn't have a conversation with HR to advocate for you, especially in light of the fact that you could be making less than your direct report. The fact that he is not advocating for you tells me that he doesn't really value you and you might want to move on.
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