How to find expected return data for bond etf?

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How to find expected return data for bond etf?

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I’m trying to find out what is the expected return estimate for this bond etf ticker IB01 and IBTA, both from blackrock, with no avail

Perhaps someone can help me?
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Re: How to find expected return data for bond etf?

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If I google "bond etf IBTA" a line to this UK located, US dollar denominated, accumulating etf's information page at Blackrock is the first thing that comes up. The fund holds short term US treasuries. A return expectation is not a completely accurate thing to ask for: future returns are unknowable in advance. But the information page does say the fund's current yield to market is 0.21% which is probably as good an estimate of the fund's near term expected return as any other.

The information page says the fund also comes in versions hedged to pounds, euros, and mexican pesos. If you mean to ask about one of the hedged versions, then you have to account for currency fluctuations, which are really difficult to forecast.
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