Tobin's q and CAPE update

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Tobin's q and CAPE update

Postby gatorman » Thu Oct 01, 2009 3:45 pm

Here is the link:

The US Flow of Funds data (“Z1”) have just been published (17th September, 2009) for Q2 2009. We also have 99% of the EPS on the S&P 500 for Q2 2009. On the basis of these data, and allowing for the 16% rise in the stock market since 30th June, 2009, US non-financials on 17th September, with the S&P 500 @ 1069.45, were 40.6% overvalued (using q) and the total market including financials was 36.5% overvalued (using the cyclically adjusted PE “CAPE”).

From being around fair value at the end of March, the US stock market has become significantly overvalued again. In the case of q this is largely because of the rise in the market, aided to a small extent by falling asset values, largely of real estate, and rising liabilities


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