Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

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Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by BogleMelon »

Working from home due to pandemic, DW is home as well raising up our newborn baby, and we are renting 2bdr apartment.
At least one of us is always home because of the baby and pandemic (unless it is a baby's doctor appointment), so temperature scheduling here won't make difference.
The electric/gas company's marketplace is offering both Nest and Ecobee 3 lite at a deep discounts after instant rebates ($29.99 & $39.99).
Should I bother getting one of those? Which one? Or since we are always couple of feet away from the "dump" thermostat, buying a smart one would be considered unnecessary gadget?
Also, bedrooms are almost cooler by 4~6 degrees in the winter, so should that by itself be a reason to buy a smart thermostat and perhaps 2 sensors for the rooms?
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by Zubs »

I have a Nest for smaller place.

I like it because you can auto schedule the fan and schedule anything else that you want. It also gives you daily runtime hours if you want that info.

But, it won't be an amazing game changer over a dumb thermostat.

You could also look into getting an anemoter, ... UTF8&psc=1

It makes it easy to balance the airflow in every room. If you want even airflow you can do that or if you want more airflow in one room you can dial that in as well.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by mortfree »

Does your lease allow you to change the thermostat?

If so I would get the smart stat and use one temperature sensor in the coldest room (or kid’s room) as needed. That does help.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by runner3081 »

Nope, you don't need one.

We have one in a 2k square foot house. We set a consistent temp with scheduling and thew Wi-Fi portion is just an added hassle. We only "purchased" because it was free after rebate from the power company. Doesn't add any value for us.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by Sgal8713 »

We have one in our house. The sensors in the kids room are an advantage and letting the temp go down at night and then warm back up 30-60 minutes before wake up time is nice. Vacation mode is cool once you can travel again. I would make sure the lease allows it and that you can take it with you when you leave.

For $40 it is a sufficient incremental improvement that I would do it. But again, it wont be life changing.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by bloom2708 »

Check out ecobee.

They make good products.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by DVA79 »

Ecobee has been great and HVAC pros recommend them over others like Nest, which can apparently do strange things to HVAC equipment.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by BIGal »

Why even consider purchasing something that you obviously don't need for a place you don't own?
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by Trism »

We have a Nest E, and it's completely worth it just to be able to adjust the temperature from my tablet without getting out of bed.

I travel frequently, and it's a huge plus to be able to leave the HVAC system off until a few hours before I get home, and then arrive with the house at the perfect temperature (especially in summer).
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by rockstar »

One of the big lessons I learned living in the desert is that you set your thermostat and forget about it. I change mine twice a year. In the summer, I set half of my home to 80 degrees. I set the other half to 77 degrees. In the winter, I set my whole home to 75 degrees.

I have learned that if I fiddle with the temperature, I end up spending more on utilities.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by suemarkp »

What is the heat source in your apartment? Many are baseboard electric. These require a line voltage thermostat instead of a low voltage one used on central systems. Heat pumps require more control wires than a simple gas furnace with AC thermostat. If you get it, make sure to get the right thing. I dont know how many variants they sell. If you are home all the time i see little value in a remote controlled thermostat.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by abyan »

I love my Nest in a 1 bedroom condo. As someone else said, it’s great to be able to control the temp from your phone or ipad, and I also have it hooked up to Google Home as well (work on Alexa too), so i can raise the temp a degree, or lower it a degree, by voice, while watching TV. Or in bed in the middle of the night. I also use a remote sensor, since the sun tends to skew the temps in my living room where the main thermostat is. For that price, I’d get it. Only issue is that yes, you have to get the wiring right, and know that your system can even take the new thermostats. But otherwise, I love this thing.
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Re: Smart thermostat for a small 2 bdr apt?

Post by dratkinson »

Recall looking for setback thermostats (thinking about ways to save money).

Recall reading that setback thermostat can save money... if you are gone for more than a day. Otherwise it was claimed to be a wash if you lower temperature for a few hours (over night), and then heated more to restore daytime temperature.

Advice was to set it and forget it, if you are home all day.

Automate baby's comfort. Or for baby's comfort, could increase temperature over night. I suppose a setback/forward thermostat could automate the process.

Cooler bedroom? Sounds like an air flow problem. A heated mattress pad could raise bed temperature. Don't know if heated mattress pads are made for baby cribs.

Non-heated mattress pad. Searched and found this mattress pad that claims to reflect body heat: ... 01AC9O9OQ/

May be an adaptation of aluminized emergency thermal blanket.

How Space Blankets work: ... lanket.htm

Recall seeing cheap emergency blankets in sporting goods isle at Walmart. Could put one under your bottom sheet and see if it works. If it works for you, would probably work for junior, too.

Would imagine Amazon item would be more durable, softer, quieter, and might come with loops to keep it in place.
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