I want to buy VXF, FSMD, VCR --Good or Bad Time?

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I want to buy VXF, FSMD, VCR --Good or Bad Time?

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My holdings have been concentrated in the S&P 500 stocks through holdings in IVV and MTUM, the momentum etf. This has worked well for a long time. But I would now like to increase my holdings in extended market (VXF), small and mid caps (FSMD) and consumer discretionary stocks (VCR). There seems to be a rotation under way toward these equities, so they have outperformed recently.

Two questions:

1. What is the best way to acquire a position in these funds? All at once? Dollar cost averaging over a shortish horizon? Wait for a downturn and a good entry point?

2. Is it too late for these stocks given the degree of rotation that has already taken place?
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Re: I want to buy VXF, FSMD, VCR --Good or Bad Time?

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Please provide names for tickers, there are way too many ETFs to have them memorized...
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Re: I want to buy VXF, FSMD, VCR --Good or Bad Time?

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You are performance chasing. This is a sure way to lose return over the long run. Pick a well diversified investment plan and stick with it for decades, pilling money in as often as you can. If you still have an itch to speculate in the market, designate a certain portion of your contributions to that - say 5-10% or whatever.
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