Help With (short term?) Car Purchase

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Help With (short term?) Car Purchase

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Hi all,

I am working remotely full-time until the world returns to normal, and my first order of business was to move out of my expensive big city apartment for a much cheaper one in a fun little town.

Now that I'm out of the city though, it looks like I need a car. Because I'll stay remote and keep the car as long as I can, the time frame is at least 5 or 6 months, but very likely a year. There's a chance I'd keep it beyond that - especially if I don't return to the city - but right now I anticipate selling in a year or so.

I'm obviously trying to keep costs to a minimum, which means I am prioritizing (1) reliability; (2) ability to re-sell with minimal deprecation; and (3) a low cost of purchase.

Because I'll be in the snowy mountains 4 wheel drive is important. As is having an SUV. Outside of that, I think the world is my oyster. I have two potential options in mind and would really like to hear the forum's thoughts on these and any others I should consider as well.

-2014 Lexus 450h. A family friend bought it certified pre-owned and has taken good care of it with regular (and recorded) service. 91k miles. Price likely between 19-20k, though we have not gotten that far yet. My concerns here are that if the hybrid batteries fail, that would be tremendously expensive. I believe the warranty still covers me for another 9k miles, but it's not ideal.

-Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai Tucson. Likely 2016-2018. I like the idea of a warranty and knowing the car is relatively new and reliable, but do not like knowing that I'll probably pay a premium for CPO status only to sell private in a year and take the depreciation hit. Unsure how big this hit actually would be though...

-Hyundai Tucson (or other?) from enterprise or Hertz. Similar to above, but a cheaper price and no warranty. Maybe not a big deal to not have the warranty for such a short term purchase?

Again, I'd love to hear if there are any thoughts on these options, or if there are others I should consider. Thank you all!
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Re: Help With (short term?) Car Purchase

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Do you know how to inspect a car or have a trusted party to do so?

If not, the warranty becomes somewhat more valuable, but perhaps not by much over your short time frame.

Also, do you know about the difference between AWD and 4WD? It may or may not matter to you.
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Re: Help With (short term?) Car Purchase

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Perhaps a Jeep Wrangler or Toyota Tacoma? They hold their resale value very well.
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