SALT vs 401k taxes under Biden

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SALT vs 401k taxes under Biden

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Looking for a sanity check here. Biden is proposing a flat 26% deferral on t-401k contributions (boo!). I'm also seeing he's wanting to lift the SALT deduction cap from TCJA (yay!).

If I'm in the 32% bracket, that means my 401k deduction is $1170 less? Meaning, instead of all $19.5k I can only deduct $18.3k?

Then, if I can deduct the full SALT (I remember being around $24k last) instead of needing to take the standard $12.4k deduction, that puts my taxable income at $10.4k LESS? [24k-12.4k-1.17k]

Is this roughly the right way to comprehend this? Merci!
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Re: SALT vs 401k taxes under Biden

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