Home Title Theft

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Home Title Theft

Post by catdude »

Hi Bogleheads -

Lately I've been hearing radio ads for an outfit called Home Title Lock. According to them, home title theft is the latest and greatest cyber threat. Here's their website if you want to check them out....


Supposedly the bad guys access your home title (apparently most home titles are stored on-line nowadays), forge your signature and transfer title from you to them. Then they take out loans against the equity in your home. You're left holding the bag.

Is anyone out there knowledgeable about home title theft? How serious a threat is this? Am I just hearing advertising hype?
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Re: Home Title Theft

Post by willthrill81 »

Based on what I've heard, it's mostly hype.

I believe that some counties will, at your request, alert you if there are any changes to the titling of your home. This service is not likely to do more than that.
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Re: Home Title Theft

Post by muddlehead »

I've always thought the sale of this "insurance" is the biggest scam ever. How the heck is someone going to pretend to be me via a home title? If I'm wrong, would love to read someone here set me straight.
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Re: Home Title Theft

Post by invest4 »

https://www.kiplinger.com/article/real- ... theft.html

It does happen, but given the odds, I would not pay for any sort of monitoring. As mentioned by willthrill81, counties are responding and notification services are becoming available. I have it within my own county and saw it in action as I received notifications following the refinancing of my home mortgage.
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Re: Home Title Theft

Post by djpeteski »

Thank you. My county offers this service and I signed up!
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Re: Home Title Theft

Post by mmmodem »

2 years after I sold my home, I am still getting email alerts and physical mail about titling changes to the buyers from the county. I think I've received 5-6 pieces of mailing so far. I'm not too worried about the threat.
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