Investing platforms, due current world circumstances...

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Investing platforms, due current world circumstances...

Post by HectorHiram » Thu Mar 26, 2020 11:56 am

I'm neophyte and of course don't know many, many things, at my 25 years of existence. Short story, I was reading the Bogleheads philosophy after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad for the first time at my 22-23 y/o and other investment videos, posts, articles, including cryptos, but liked the concepts and ideas of the Bogleheads for my way to live. Now I'm here due the current world situations. Was also reading other articles and posts trying to cultivate my knowledge about all of this.

Most of what I know is due individual learning, I have no problem at all doing that and I'm still reading some of the wiki articles, what I haven't found (yet) is recommendations of investing platforms (that I'm sure I can just Google it for reviews); not asking to just have all the answers by you guys, I can do my work, it's just I prefer to always ask experienced and knowledgeable users that may already know and have experience. There may be some people who instead like to teach, not my case unless I'm somewhat of an expert... with that said, yes, at the moment I only have some basic investing plan, but I don't know where to start or a place to get good rates, learned that there are some very good websites to invest that are investing platforms, but I don't want to play gamble like they were social media or forums. There are just too many places out there and you guys surely have more expertise in that.

World markets going down, prices falling... should be ready to purchase when necessary. Of course you may assume that I do not have any large amount to invest, but I'm pretty sure most of investors started like that, of course not all of them. And since I'm young (I assume, LOL), basic investment plan is currently:
  • 1. Short term: any possible opportunity, an initial opportunity to just getting started and build a portfolio, since most of stocks and assets are going down, it's a time to buy. May bother later on my free time to build a basic idea of what kind of assets and markets would be or may be the winners (IMO of course and based on personal taste) when all this chaos passes, God I wish soon...

    2. Mid term: got to recognize that I may need some money (most likely, honestly) at the short-mid term, 3-5 years, not sure why but I got the feeling. Not own a home, not have kids (don't plan to), still many things to buy for the living and other stuff.

    3. Long term: a (expected) solid portfolio that may grow over time with a good standard deviation, acceptable to be for, as I may expect, many years in the future, retirement hopefully. This is also related to be short term since I do feel the urge to start building my portfolio soon during this downside where prices are low.
Any good advise, recommendation, link for the wiki or name of articles, websites or mainly investing platforms would be really appreciated, I can handle the rest, all I'm asking is a little guidance by anyone.

I expect to make some more post of progress and status and most of all, questions haha. Just don't laugh that sometimes I may ask silly questions/topics, but all will be investment-related at least.

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Re: Investing platforms, due current world circumstances...

Post by Silk McCue » Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:23 pm

Welcome to Bogleheads!

Start here. Seriously.


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Re: Investing platforms, due current world circumstances...

Post by mhalley » Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:44 pm

Welcome to the forum.
Recommended wiki articles
Asset allocation
Three fund portfolio
If you can pdf
Most popular brokerages here are Vanguard, Schwab and Fidelity. All have their pluses and minuses. Can’t go wrong with any.
You might check out the fidelity and Schwab as one stop shop threads, and the wiki on the fidelity one.
And the story of what happens when Bob buys at market highs every time he invests. ... ket-timer/

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Re: Investing platforms, due current world circumstances...

Post by retired@50 » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:17 pm

In addition to reading the wiki I'd suggest you get a library card at your local library. When they re-open that is...

Once the library thing is sorted out, there are several good financial authors I'd recommend.
William J. Bernstein
Burton G. Malkiel
John C. Bogle
Rick Ferri

As far as initial investing, you might consider a target date retirement fund if you're okay with the asset mixture they provide.
See link. They provide a completely diversified portfolio right from the start. ... view/vfifx

Boggle - a game from Parker Brothers. Bogle - investor, founder of Vanguard.

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Re: Investing platforms, due current world circumstances...

Post by HectorHiram » Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:47 pm

Ah, just came from work and there's so much to read, and yes, that was it! Vanguard and the other one, I swear I read that on some post while I was on lunch taking a look at some of the posts, but I couldn't remember the names.

Also, Bob's story, though it would end bad, but even fictional, it was a good lesson and it instead ended, let's say, fine. Really wasn't expecting that. There's many posts here too talking about the crisis, recession, dips… I could only think of buying after seeing even the crypto currencies took a huge blow (not a surprise but anyway) and that there's still more to come, I won't try and time the market but some of us can agree that things *could* get worse.

Anyway thank you for the information, I really appreciate it and I'll check them!


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