[Japan] Which broker to chose to get vanguard lifestrategy funds ?

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[Japan] Which broker to chose to get vanguard lifestrategy funds ?

Post by cournape » Tue Mar 24, 2020 7:57 am

Hi there,

I am a non-US resident in Japan (not permanent resident), and I would like to start investing money in Japan. I am aware of the basic pitfalls of investing, and in general am not interested in trading or spending a lot of time on it, and a strong believer in passive investing.

I am looking for brokers in Japan who:

1. Have vanguard lifestrategy or similarly low cost funds available.
2. Ideally, being able to setup automatic, regular investment in it.
3. Make both 'normal' and NISA accounts. I would of course max out the NISA first, and then use a less tax-advantageous account.

Any advice/pitfalls from Japanese residents ?

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Re: [Japan] Which broker to chose to get vanguard lifestrategy funds ?

Post by rhe » Wed Mar 25, 2020 1:13 am

When I looked into this a few years ago, it seemed like the three large discount brokerages (rakuten, monex, kabu.com) were all offering about the same product. I ended up putting my NISA with kabu.com and my ideco with rakuten. I don't believe vanguard lists on the tokyo stock exchange so if you are interested in them you will probably want an interactive brokers account in addition. This only makes sense if you will be investing above the NISA limit.

One potential barrier to opening the domestic accounts is your japanese ability. They will call you on the phone to talk briefly about the forms you submitted. I don't know what standard they apply.

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