Anyone have a mobility scooter?

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Anyone have a mobility scooter?

Post by LearningAlot »

I'm recently retired and want to get out and about around my property and neighborhood more (have a disability and need to get
some sort of cart). I looked at a golf cart and that doesn't work for my situation. Been looking at mobility scooters that are
fairly rugged, can handled different surfaces, and can carry two people.

I found one that looks possible, it is by a company called Afikim, it is called The AFISCOOTER S, 4 wheel, dual seat. You order it over the phone
and it is sent to you, they don't have any place where you can test drive, so I am trying to learn as much as possible on this one and
any other options before I pull the trigger.

Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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Re: Anyone have a mobility scooter?

Post by brandy »

Who in your area carries parts and or repairs it? When is it considered "old"? How do you transport it for vacation or other travelling--even to just the park across town?
I looked into scooters (not one of those) a few years ago. Many other scooters are "old" after 2 years or 3 years after being manufactured. At the time, only one place here repaired older scooters, and they had trouble getting some parts.
Have you considered getting 2 single seaters? You can booth go out, then, if there's a problem, at least one of you can get back home. :happy
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Re: Anyone have a mobility scooter?

Post by Broken Man 1999 »

What is the terrain of your property?

The scooters you are looking at seem pretty low to the ground.

Have you considered an ATV? An ATVwould be better than the other scooter, as it is specifically built (and named) for All Terrain use, unless your terrain is perfectly flat and dry with a base that would hold the vehicle without sinking.

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Re: Anyone have a mobility scooter?

Post by GmanJeff »

Broken Man may be on the right track. Most mobility scooters/power chairs are meant for smooth surfaces rather than for uneven terrain, and their range is typically relatively limited. A cautionary note about ATVs, though - they can attain much higher speeds, and their ability to move over rough ground means they can tip over if not operated prudently. Many motorcycle dealers also offer ATVs, so selection and servicing may be easier, and you may be able to test drive different models before purchasing.
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