Anyone use Guaranteed Rate for a mortgage?

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Anyone use Guaranteed Rate for a mortgage?

Post by mjd0717 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 4:45 pm

Shopping around for a refi, I was contacted by a loan officer through Guaranteed Rate. Has anyone had an experience refinancing a mortgage through someone you don't know or haven't met? The rate is the best I've been offered by far, and there are zero costs. Basic google search for the officer and company check out. Seems too good to be true, so it is?

I am "interviewing" the loan officer tomorrow, obviously before handing over any sort of information beyond the basics I have already given. Wanted to see if any Bogleheads secured a mortgage refi this way, and any advice for or against.

Thank you!

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Re: Anyone use Guaranteed Rate for a mortgage?

Post by rocket354 » Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:59 pm

I have dealt with almost a dozen lenders. I used Guaranteed Rate for a refi a few years ago. They were perfectly fine, overall. Good rate, although the person tasked with collecting all my info was a little, shall we say, green? Inexperienced? But no issues or gotchas or anything like that.

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