A good retirement

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A good retirement

Post by bobcat2 »

Interview with Robert Merton.

Topics covered include contributions of Jack Bogle and Paul Samuelson to finance, the development of modern finance in the 1950s thru the 1970s, indexing and passive investing, understanding financial risk, and how to develop a good retirement plan.

Link - https://gersteinfisher.com/podcasts/rob ... ng-crisis/

In finance risk is defined as uncertainty that is consequential (nontrivial). | The two main methods of dealing with financial risk are the matching of assets to goals & diversifying.
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Re: A good retirement

Post by Stormbringer »

Merton is worth a listen. I think he has some important things to say regarding income vs. wealth in retirement.
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Re: A good retirement

Post by Jazzysoon »

Thanks for posting. I just listened to it, good discussion.
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Re: A good retirement

Post by Horton »

Thanks for sharing. I have it queued up for my next run.
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Re: A good retirement

Post by Jeff Albertson »

Thanks bobcat2, worthwhile listen.
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