Interviewing within corporation

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Interviewing within corporation

Post by crockpotinvesting »

I’m currently interviewing within my company for a position change which should turn into a raise. I currently work from about 9-5 and this new position is probably going to be more like a 9-6 work day. I’m not sure what the raise will be but I’m guessing at most around $10k (based on what others have told me). If i work an additional 52x5=260 hours per year which equates to $38.50 per hour $10k/260=$38.50 per hour. This wouldn’t be a raise it would just mean I’m being compensated below what I currently make ( on an hourly basis) to work longer. At the same time it has much more opportunity than my current job. I wanted to get the bogglehead thoughts on this.

Also, I wanted to see how others experiences have been switching positions within a company.
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Re: Interviewing within corporation

Post by BSBHead »

I switched to a modestly higher paying meaningfully greater hour job in 2005. My job before was great, steady, and offered awesome work/life balance.
New job was challenging and I really had to put in time. Fast forward to today. Most of old friends from my prior job are basically in the same job. I'm sure their jobs are great, steady and offer awesome work/life balance. I had a few rough work/life balance years, but I'm happy where I'm at with meaningfully higher compensation (as in multiples) than my old colleagues. I also feel I'm set-up for great opportunities in the future. Anyway, it was worth it for me in a comparable situation.
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Re: Interviewing within corporation

Post by dbr »

The normal motivation for switching positions in a company is for advancement or for better position for advancement. If that is missing it isn't clear what your motivation is.

Sometimes people move to an area that has better future business prospects hopefully avoiding a layoff. Ironically I never was able to move to a department that might have offered me a lucrative buy-out when I retired, but you can't have everything.

Some people do move because they like the work better in a different kind of job. In that case you wouldn't be calculating dollars per hour.
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Re: Interviewing within corporation

Post by megabad »

crockpotinvesting wrote: Mon Apr 15, 2019 7:16 pm At the same time it has much more opportunity than my current job.
Seems like you answered your own question. Obviously every situation is different but this sounds like a good career move for you unless you have some extenuating circumstances preventing taking on this workload.
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