Help me pick which investments

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Help me pick which investments

Post by idealtrucks » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:31 am

Good morning,
As I posted earlier, I'm going to be moving about 125k from taxable to a new 457 plan. I currently have this taxable amount to invest into the 457, over the course of the time it takes to withdraw down at 19k a year. I need some help on what investment options to pick.
I currently have Roth IRA for me and wife at Vanguard with about 150k in Target Fund 2055.

Here are the options I have: ... files.html
They appear to be mainly Blackrock funds. I was initially thinking of going with the target 2055 fund, but it looks like it has a lot of REIT. Thoughts?

Available Funds:

Target Date 2055 (BlackRock LifePath Index 2055 Fund O) - .08
Money Market Fund ( BlackRock Short-Term Investment Fund W) - .08
Bond Fund (BlackRock U.S. Debt Index Fund M) - .04
Inflation Protected Bond Fund (BlackRock U.S. Treasury InflationProtected Securities Fund M) - .03
High-Yield Bond Fund (JPMorgan Corporate High-Yield Fund) - .40
Stock Fund(BlackRock Equity Index Fund F) - .02
Small/Mid-Cap Stock Fund (BlackRock Russell 2500 Index Fund F) - .03
International Stock Fund (BlackRock MSCI World ex-U.S. IMI Index Fund F) - .07
Global Realestate Fund (BlackRock Developed Real Estate Index Fund F) - .09
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Re: Help me pick which investments

Post by Flyer24 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:53 am

You need to list out funds and expenses.

Use this format as a guide.

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Re: Help me pick which investments

Post by sjt » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:59 am

Your target date fund has an expense ratio of 0.08% which is fine, but it also lists what other funds (also available to you, at a lower expense ratio) it is compromised of, and what percentages. My plan is set up similarly. If you truly want "set it and forget it" - go with the target date fund which rebalances over time. The percentage of real estate in the fund wouldn't bother me.

If you're willing to pick your own funds using the target date fund holdings as a guide, you may be able to save a couple basis points. Not sure if that's worth it to you.
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