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Re: New Columbus, Ohio Chapter

Post by RetiredMarine » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:59 pm

fyi for those who couldn't make it, we had a good turnout (13) at today's meeting considering the snowy weather. Included a brief presentation (from one of our most experienced Bogleheads) & discussion on a Mr. Money Mustache spreadsheet (regarding tax rates), as well as conversation on tax gain harvesting to remain in the zero % tax bracket, and observations regarding “gender roles” noticed involving family money management. We had 8 folks get together before the meeting downstairs in the Carnegie's Cafe for some initial chats, as well as 9 people go to dinner after the meeting as well.

During the meeting, I mentioned that I had been asked by someone outside the group if they could make a presentation on self-directed IRAs (for alternative investments like real estate), and the group indicated a desire to hear the presentation so I'll look to get that on the agenda in a future meeting. Additionally, at dinner some folks expressed a desire to hear about other members specific asset allocations (percentages, not $ amounts and why) and noted their own willingness to share their own asset allocations and rationale - so we'll look to do that in the near-term future as well.

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