Someone bizarrely hacked my Amex online account (Business)

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Someone bizarrely hacked my Amex online account (Business)

Post by SilverGirl » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:17 pm

And did two things:

1. Added a new bank account to the payment profile.

2. Made 7 payments between today and yesterday. The first was set up to come out of my business bank of America account (which was already set up as the default payment account). The other 6 payments were made using the 'new bank account'- a B of A savings account in the name of a person I have never met.

I cannot figure out why. The payment went through from my B of A to my Amex. I have changed my online password to my Amex, I have cancelled the card. There are multiple payments totalling over 10,000 in a 'pending's status originating from this other account that was added to the account profile.

I called B of A and explained the situation, there are no pending transactions that are not valid. But yesterday the payment did go through that I did not make. It was made from my Amex online account, a payment taking money out of my B of A business account, to pay my Amex business account.

There are no transactions, pending or posted, that I do not recognize. Only the multiple payments. This is very unsettling. I did not make these payments. Amex didn't take it too seriously since there are no unrecognized transactions, only payments. What could be going on?

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Re: Someone bizarrely hacked my Amex online account (Business)

Post by Leemiller » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:23 pm

Over a decade ago a bank linked my account to someone else’s. It was some time before I noticed, but that person was making ATM withdrawals funded by my account. So perhaps it is an error on Amex’s end.

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