Credit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?

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Re: Credit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?

Post by essbeer » Fri Sep 14, 2018 9:43 am

jrbdmb wrote:
Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:41 am
FYI, for everyone who wants a restaurant card and is more interested in churning (high signup bonus) rather than long-term use, Cap One has revised their Savor card to offer a $500 sign up bonus. Also now offers 4% on dining. Free for first year, $95 a year after that. ... g-rewards/

Note that I have the grandfathered version of this card - $100 bonus if i recall, 4% on dining, no annual fee.
I'm jealous of that. Not so much for the dining, but 4% no fee card for event ticket purchases is best in class as far as I know. I think I might get the fee version and downgrade to the no fee version after a year -- provided it's still available when season ticket buying season starts again in spring. 3% on event ticket purchase is still best available I think, but 4% would have been better.

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Re: Credit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?

Post by jrbdmb » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:04 pm

I'm not sure if the no AF version of the Uber card is still available - current Uber cardholders were moved to the updated rewards but grandfathered in with no AF (and no $500 bonus either). Not clear if that grandfathering is permanent or if someday they will try to charge us an AF.

But that would be a good data point if anyone can either (1) get the no-AF card now, or (2) get the $500 bonus now and then PC to a no-AF card after year one.

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Re: Credit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?

Post by maddogio » Thu Sep 20, 2018 2:21 pm

I used this card extensively on a recent month long trip to Europe. PIN worked flawlessly in machines. Defaults to signature for in person transactions.

Only hiccup was that I couldn't use it for online purchases while abroad. My wife is primary card holder and we couldn't get 2 step authorization to bypass her and come to me, even after several hours with customer support. I used my Fidelity 2% card for those transactions.

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Re: Credit card question - get Uber's new 4%er?

Post by rj49 » Thu Sep 20, 2018 3:09 pm

There are a couple of other benefits to the Uber card that add to its benefits...cell phone protection if you use it to pay your bill, and $50 reimbursement for streaming services (including Amazon Prime) after $5,000 in spending. So that would in effect add another 1% to your benefits...I used it to get a credit for Netflix DVD service. It also gives 3% back for AirBnB, and the card nudging me towards AirBnB instead of more expensive and less roomy hotels without cooking facilities has also saved me money on travel and made it much more comfortable and pleasurable.

Another intangible is that the card is offered through Barclay bank, which doesn't send me all the garbage checks and offers that Citi, AMEX, Discover, and US banks do. Plus their website and app are pleasant to use and look at. The only minor irritation is that when you go to redeem points for cash, they try to point your towards redeeming for Uber credit or gift cards, so you have to hunt a bit for the statement credit option.

The drawbacks of the card include not covering travel like cruises, the airfare cash back not covering baggage fees that an airline card might, and the $25 minimum for cash back.

I like the card not so much because of the benefits, but because it has encouraged me to spend more on things that make my life more pleasurable, like airfare, AirBnb and hotels, Netflix DVDs, and eating and drinking out more. I'm a single retiree comfortably well-off with frugality issues, and I find the 4% on dining and bars actually gets me to force myself to eat out more or go for a beer or coffee, since I'm motivated by the 4% bonus. I also value simplicity, so its cash back feature keeps me from being lured into all the premium travel cards with complicated reward programs and those in eternal search of travel hacks and credit card churn to chase bonuses.

My complement card of choice is the AMEX Blue Cash Back Preferred, since the 6% back on groceries works for gift cards for Amazon, Arco gas (plus you get the cash fuel price), Carnival cruises, and ebay, as well as some airlines, hotels, and AirBnb.

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