portfolio Review

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portfolio Review

Post by nesdog » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:43 pm

Emergency funds: Yes. 8-10 months cash

Debt: None
Tax Filing Status: MFJ

Rate: 22% Federal, 5% State
State of Residence: California
Age: 64
Desired Asset allocation: 45% Stocks 35% Bonds 20% cash
Retirement expected at FRA.

Current retirement assets

His 401k Current Workplace

NTIAX Columbia Mid-Cap .45 (1.5%)
TRRBX T.Rowe Pr. Ret. 2020 .63 (9%)
TRRXG T.Rowe Pr. Ret/ 2015 .59 (5.1%)
STFAX State St. Equity 500 (.15) 1%

Fidelity 401K
FCNTX Contrafund .74 (7.6%)
FASMX Asst Mgr 50% .67 (1%)
FUSVX 500 Index .035 (1.5%)
FMCSX Mid-Cap .58 (1%)
SPRXX MM (<1%)

Vanguard 401K
VTSAX Total Stk Mkt .04 (4.3%)
VWINX Wellesley .22 (2.3%)
VFIIX Ginnie Mae .21 (1.5%)
VIPSX-Infl Prot .20 (1%)
VMMXX MM .22 (1%)

Franklin California Tax Free .59 (4.0%)

Her 403b via MetLife

Brighthouse AA 60% .65 (3.3%)
T. Rowe Mid Cap .78 (1.6%)
Stock Index .26 (6.0%)
Fixed Interest ? (7.0%)

Her IRA at American Enterprise

Inherited IRA at Fidelity
Fed Funds ? (13%)

Inherited IRA at Vanguard
Total Stock Index VTSAX .04 (6.6%)
Total Intl Index VTIAX .11 (1%)
Total Bond Index VBTLX .05 (3.5%)
Fed Funds (9.4%)


We recently inherited some funds and that has thrown the AA off. They used to be more balanced on the whole.

Where I’ve got small amounts, should I move into existing funds to simplify the accounts?

Have not yet made any decision on the Fidelity or Vanguard cash accounts. We are trying to move slowly on these and not yet sure the course of action.

Thinking about tossing the mid-cap funds into the SP index to lower costs. I had originally thought to have them to balance out the large caps and get more diversified. Does that makes sense?

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Re: portfolio Review

Post by Sandtrap » Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:19 pm

Welcome. :D
Can you please list alternative funds that are available to you in your accounts (even though you have not chosen them)?
Yes, Generally, funds less than 5% of total have nil effect. Consolidate where possible.
Generally, simplify, eliminate fund overlap and redundancy while choosing the lowest cost index funds available, and place to maximum tax efficiency.
Yes. Consolidate to SP index.
Funds in larger denominations can take advantage of a higher class lower cost such as the difference between Vanguard Admiral Shares and Investor Shares.
Why 20% cash?
j :D

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