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App for contacts

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I don't normally post outside of finance, so hopefully a question like this is ok.

I've searched high and low and can't quite find an app for my needs. Someone here might know of an option.

We have several kids and on a daily basis we are at school, sports, and other activities and stand around with all the other parents. We see lots of the same families and I want an app to help me keep track of everyone's names. For ex I know a kid on the soccer team is Sammy Smith but I don't remember that his parents are Scott and Sarah and he has a sister Siena who plays basketball with my daughter. Or maybe I remember for a while during soccer season, but forget 4 mos later when i see them at basketball. Id just like a simple app where I can list all the names of a family unit and maybe tag them as soccer, basketball, etc. Then I can talk to Scott and ask how Sienas team is doing instead of asking how his daughters team is doing like I don't know who they are. I don't need memory techniques because I don't need to try and memorize a hundred names, just want to be able to connect all the dots.

Thank you!
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Re: App for contacts

Post by Compound »

If you have an iPhone you could list all this info under “notes” of the contact of one individual in the family. You can then use the search function under contacts to find the info. Should be fairly straightforward.
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Re: App for contacts

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If you are a google / android user, the contacts database allows you to create links between people with titles such as spouse, child, etc. On top of that you can add labels to put them in particular affinity groups like Soccer, 4H, Church, Work, etc.

I have been doing that for years and it works great and helps me a lot with exactly what you are looking for. It does take some time and effort to record the info (you can also put pictures of people in there too, I have a friend who forces all new acquiatenacnes to pose for a photo, kind of an aggressive social stance! :shock:

if you use the google/gmail contacts, they are manageable via your phone and your browser. I have an iPad too and it is not quite as flexible, but you have access to the same info if you link the google contacts into your iOS on the preferences page.

There is a notes section as well.

Another option I don't use but a friend of mine does is to use MS Office OneNote, it is a fairly unstructured so you can imagine how to use it. I am not disciplined enough to make it work though.

on Apple products, I am sure you an do much of the same things, I just got on the android platform years ago and know it from inertia.

One last thought, there are several contact management apps out there that are largely targeted towards sales people. If you want to create contact narratives and histories, then it may work. They are generally massive over-kill for you state purpose though.
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Re: App for contacts

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I think the easiest way to keep track is through your Notes app on your iphone (Android probably has one too, I am just not familiar with it).

I would create a folder within the app and start a note with the last name of the family, "Smith". Then within the note, I would list off the parents' names, the kids' names and what they are up too and what kid of your is interacting with them.

Next, if you are curious what Sammy's last name is and who is his mom, you could do a quick search for Sammy within the Notes app.

Oh, and you can access this on the computer too by going to
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Re: App for contacts

Post by evad »

I’ve struggled with this as well after moving to a new part of the country. While I am a Apple user it sounds like I would benefit from the tag feature of Android. If often thought of building an apple app.
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