Master Thread for UAE Bogleheads

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Master Thread for UAE Bogleheads

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Hi All,

I am creating a revived thread here and dubbing it the Master Thread (as the last thread just created the Bogleheads). I sometimes get emails about the Bogleheads in the UAE and so want to officially confirm our existence. There is also a newly established Facebook page (please join!). We have a unique group in that it is an international crowd so there are various different investing options discussed (due to passport differences). I myself am a US national so am adept at discussing traditional Boglehead options, but there is always room to learn about world-wide options and share the living beneath your means/buy and hold lifestyle together.

The group name is UAE Bogleheads.
The contact name is Jen
The email is

Please contact me if you are interested in being a part of the road to financial independence.

As suggested by one participant, All Roads Lead to Dubai.

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Re: Master Thread for UAE Bogleheads

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News article on UAE Bogleheads:

How to join the Boglehead movement | The National

Sebastien Aguilar believes anyone can learn to manage their investments, and it is his group’s mission to teach as many people as it can.

"We believe everyone can take control of their finances and learn to feel confident about the freedom that it brings and build a safe financial future. We believe financial education is your best asset," says the co-founder of the UAE Bogleheads Common Sense Personal Finance and Investing group
The next meetup is on February 26 in Dubai, when Andrew Hallam, a personal finance author who recently took part in The National’s money roundtable about fixed-term savings and investment plans, will speak about what he has learnt.
Note: I have added this meeting date to our Upcoming events | Financial Page calendar. The article does not specify a special place or time.

Note: On the facebook page you might want to work in a trademark reference: Bogleheads® somewhere in the about page---> Common Sense Personal Finance and Investing - The UAE Bogleheads Chapter Public Group | Facebook

Perhaps, "Common Sense Personal Finance and Investing - The UAE Bogleheads® Chapter" would suffice.

Additional administrative tasks: Financial Page blog; finiki the Canadian wiki; The Bogle Center for Financial Literacy site; La Guía Bogleheads® España site.
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