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A port in a storm

Post by Phoenix » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:44 pm

Welcome to a new forum for Vanguard Diehards. This forum's purpose is to enable intelligent online conversation among those who call themselves Bogleheads and who use Vanguard's family of funds.

For years, Morningstar has provided Diehards - and many others - forums to discuss investing among themselves. Regrettably, Morningstar devotes almost no resources to controlling the content of their forums and takes no responsibility for outright trolls. Recent experience has been that one particular troll has been so desperate for attention that he has ruined the user experience at the Morningstar Diehard forum. This forum has been set up as an alternative venue for Diehards who just can't take it any more. Trolls will not be allowed to post on this forum. Ever.

Registration is required in order to post. A valid email address is required at the time of registration. The forum software sends an email to that address with a link embedded that you must click on to activate your user id. Until you click on that link, you cannot login or post a message. If you don't get the activation email within minutes, check your spam filters. As a matter of policy, all email addresses (and any other identifying information) are private and will not be disclosed to any third party.

This is a basically unmodified phpBB forum. For security reasons, html is disabled and replaced by what is called BBCode. BBCode allows the common functions used in html but it may take some getting used to for Morningstar long timers. (An example: To bold a phrase, surround it with the tags [b] and [/b] instead of html's <b> and </b>.) The forum has a better search facility than is available at Morningstar. It also allows you to configure personal preferences, such as time zone, a not too long signature, or to upload a small graphic to identify yourself and your posts.

Posters at Morningstar's VGDH forum have been good about marking off topic posts "off topic" or "OT" in the title. That is not required here as a separate area has been provided. Off topic posts that are made in the financial forum will be moved by moderators.

The forum will take no advertisers and no sponsors. Registration is free. It is provided as a public service to all (except trolls) and its costs will be absorbed by the author of this post.

Best wishes and good luck.

Alex Frakt
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Post by Alex Frakt » Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:44 pm

We'll flesh out Policies as time goes one. But let's see how far we can get with just the following:

Please remember that this board was created to provide a community that resembles the long ago days of a certain other forum that was described as:

characterized by its contributors' commitment to low cost - primarily passive - mutual fund investing, its unusually civil tone, and the thoughtful replies to almost all who post a question, no matter what their level of investing knowledge - diehards.org FAQ

To that end, our Moderators reserve the right to take any actions they feel necessary to preserve decorum, including deleting posts and banning members.

In addition, please stay on the topic of investing in this forum. The Off Topic forum is for other topics that may be of interest to the community. However, posts focused on the topics of politics and religion are highly likely to cause strife and so are unacceptable in any forum and will be removed immediately.

Please contact a moderator if you have a question about the propriety of a particular post or feel that you have been personally attacked. You may also contact me if you feel the moderator is unable to respond to your satisfaction.

Alex Frakt