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Anyone is using

Post by zrzhu111 »

I'm thinking about sign up for personalcapital or sigfig to track all my investment. Any advice? Thanks.
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Re: Anyone is using

Post by stan1 »

Personally I find Personal Capital to be more useful than Mint or sites like Financial Engines. Two drawbacks with Personal Capital: 1) you have to link your accounts (via Yodlee) which some people don't want to do; 2) You will get a few phone calls from the Personal Capital financial advisors. They called me once to offer a free 30 minute planning session when I first signed up and I told them I was just using the website. They called about 3 months after that and I decided to accept the offer (mostly out of curiosity to learn a little more about their business model. The advisor cancelled one phone call, rescheduled, then cancelled the second phone call. The Personal Cap website does provide some useful Boglehead tools, including a 9 box style grid and a performance comparison with some baseline equity/bond portfolios, although many will be very uncomfortable with the privacy and marketing. Definitely tailored to a tech savvy 20-30 something crowd.
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Re: Anyone is using

Post by robertalpert »

I've been using for a few months now. So far, I like the alternative view it brings to the style slices. I was also contacted and participated in their portfolio assessment. The first contact was from their appointment scheduler. First of three assessment-related sessions included discussion of my investment goals and situation. Second session included a presentation of their assessment with their recommendations. Third session was discussion of my decision ---- (when I communicated my decision not to participate with their active portfolio management services).

They have some unusual slants on portfolio management. International and fixed income is handled with rather normal means, that is with ETF's. Domestic stock is handled much differently. The Personalcapital method is to use between 50 to 100 individual domestic stocks to create an equal-weighted and equal-sector portfolio. They suggest 30% mega-cap; 30% large-cap; 20% mid-cap; and 20% small-cap (with individual stock in domestic companies). Their version of alternative investments {Reits and commodities} would replace some portion of fixed income (because alternative investment add stability).

I disagree with Personalcapital on the role of equal-weight /equal-sector; individual stock; and their view of alternative investment. Oh, and there is the 0.95% management fee. Needless to say, we are not signing up for their management services; But I still like the website.
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Re: Anyone is using

Post by in_reality »

Tried both. Don't like either as they couldn't accurately show me my stock/bond %.

Neither one handled my 529 properly. Personal Capital had it as 100% stocks (it is not) and sigfig didn't import it (but did my other vanguard accounts).

Vanguard and Schwab both let me add in outside investments so that is what I did. I still use personal capital to check bank balances and some cds at banks and then manually update Vanguard and Schwab once a month or so. So personal capitial is useful for a quick net worth check. In terms of allocation though, only Vanguard or Schwab seem accurate. (and Morningstar xray was too much of a hassle...)
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