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Bogleheads in the news! (--> Wiki)

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This page has been incorporated into The Bogleheads Wiki.

The Bogleheads Fund pioneer finds diehard fans in Miami
By Beatrice E. Garcia March 19, 2000 edition of The Miami Herald ... nvId=22888
Vanguards frugal ways and good performance have earned the company, and Bogle, a loyal following. The Bogleheads, as they call themselves, are diehards. Their gathering place had always been in cyberspace until a meeting in Miami nearly two weeks ago.

Here Come the Bogleheads
By Jason Zweig September 1, 2001, Money. ... /index.htm
On Friday afternoon, when the group first gathers outside the hotel, a Boglehead wants to capture a group photo. "Cheese," she calls out from behind her lens, but not everyone smiles. "The market was down today!" she chirps, and grins spread across a few more faces. "The market was down today, and we don't care!" she yells, and now all the Diehards are smiling. Finally the mood is just right. She snaps her picture.

'Bogleheads': Who cares about WorldCom?
June 27, 2002: 12:55 PM EDT
By Martine Costello, CNN/Money Staff Writer ... /index.htm
CHICAGO (CNN/Money) After WorldCom announced the biggest case of crooked accounting in history, the markets trembled and President Bush vowed heads would roll. Some money managers predicted investor confidence would take years to recover.
But at the Morningstar investing conference in Chicago this week, at least one group of people ignored the news: the "Bogleheads," a loose-knit organization of investors who follow the teachings of fund industry legend John Bogle.

Vanguard Diehards Never Say Die
Sue Stevens, 09.02.04, 7:00 AM ET ... 8_132.html
The forum began in March 1998 with a post from Taylor Larimore. He and several others lobbied Morningstar for a conversation forum for some time. Originally the "founders" of the forum wanted to call it "Bogleheads"--an affectionate name for these followers of Jack Bogle.
Where You Can Turn for a Helping Hand
By Penelope Wang January 1, 2006 (MONEY Magazine) ... 1/8365194/
Trying to figure out the right thing to do with your money can be a daunting, lonely experience. Who do you talk to when you want to kick around an idea or get the answer to a perplexing question? You can consult an adviser and worry that he wants to sell you something.(...)
Instead, how about talking to a committed, knowledgeable disciple of Vanguard founder John Bogle, the index-fund pioneer who ranks among the small investor's best friends? Welcome to the Vanguard Diehards message board(...)
The common-sense cult of John Bogle
By Kara McGuire, Star Tribune November 21, 2007 - 7:29 PM
Jeff McComas used to actively manage his investments, trying to time the market to boost his portfolio's returns. But then he happened upon an online forum seven years ago. Figuring he'd visit once and that would be it, he registered as "Chuck D"-- like the rapper from Public Enemy. But after spending hours on the forum, he ditched his former ways and became a Boglehead.
Where to go for advice you can trust
By Joe Light, Ismat Sarah Mangla and Pat Regnier
December 4 2007: 1:32 PM EST (MONEY Magazine) ... .moneymag/
(...)talking a lot about stocks has a way of encouraging you to trade more, which will make you poorer.The best advice - in print, online or in conversation - is about long-term strategy, not stock picks. And that's where the "Boglehead" message boards shine.(...)

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