Thanksgiving wishes

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Thanksgiving wishes

Post by bradinsky »

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope it’s a great one.
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by Metsfan91 »

Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving!!
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by oldcomputerguy »

This topic is now in the Local Chapters and Bogleheads Community / US Chapters forum.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by grok87 »

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

I am thankful for this board and its great moderators!

RIP Mr. Bogle.
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by IowaFarmBoy »

Happy thanksgiving all!

I too am thankful for this group and all the work the mods put in!
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by mhc »

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a great day with family and friends or whatever else you may enjoy.
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by Stinky »

Enjoy family, food, and football today.

(Not necessarily in that order)
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Re: Thanksgiving wishes

Post by tennisplyr »

There’s always something to be grateful for. Happy Thanksgiving
Those who move forward with a happy spirit will find that things always work out.
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