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Sacramento Area Bogleheads - Topic History

Post by digarei » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:10 pm

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S a c r a m e n t o A r e a B o g l e h e a d s
Topic History
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SABH Bogleheads® Local Chapter #61

Great conversations can be had

@ Sacramento Area Bogleheads


🔸 Presentations

Fund Selection Criteria
The Millionaire Next Door
Diversify, Allocate or Rebalance?
David’s Favorite Personal Finance Blogs
The Somnambulance of a Rising Tide Market
Charting the Future by Controlling Cash Flow
How We are Programmed to be Financially Insane
Optimal Lazy Rebalancing & the ‘Not so Lazy’ Optimal Worksheet
How to Survive an Inheritance: Preparing Yourself for a Financial Windfall

🔹 Discussions

Financial goals
Hard money loans
Peer to peer loans
Reinvestment of dividends
Account security and privacy
Budgeting and expense tracking
Vanguard brokerage account pros and cons
Is Jack Bogle smarter than the average investor?
Tracking funds held in an investment portfolio & net worth
Wisdom of sector tilts (e.g., Health Care, REITs, Technology)

How much should I be spending?
Is hiring an advisor worth the cost?
Earning high returns using real estate
Selecting a specific mutual fund or ETF
The Future of Investing (panel discussion)
How to choose a particular portfolio / portfolio mix
Reason(s) for choosing your portfolio’s Asset Allocation (AA)
Ensuring a long lasting retirement with the right withdrawal strategy
Saving & spending to achieve an early retirement and/or financial independence
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (members recommend books, blogs & podcasts)


🔸 Presentations

Financial Wellness Workshop
How To Fire Your Investment Advisor
Saving vs. Spending Across Life’s Stages
Hands-on IPS (Investing Policy Statement)
Callan Periodic Table of Investment Returns
Analyzing the Periodic Table of Investments
The Ultimate Guide To Safe Withdrawal Rates
The Pursuit of Factors vs. Total Market Indexing
How to Obtain a First-Class Financial Education
Financial Stewardship for the Boglehead Investor
How Bogleheads Investors Avoid Behavioral Mistakes
Fund Comparisons
[Vanguard S&P 500, Total Stock Mkt Idx, Wellington, Wellesley Income]

🔹 Discussions

Coping with buyer’s remorse
How to identify a buying opportunity
Why is now a good time to buy stocks?
Roth conversions and tax management
Importance of holding diversified assets
Is it necessary to rebalance your portfolio?
What is the risk of investing in real estate?
The function of a Liability Matching Portfolio
Designating a mutual fund for a specific purpose
Minimizing tax exposure using tax loss harvesting
How RMDs (required minimum distributions) work
Assessing margin of safety in your retirement assets
Helping family members make good investment choices
Keeping a cash cushion to offset a potential market downturn
Will small cap and value stocks deliver a return premium going forward?
Is it a good idea to hold ESG [environmental, social, governance] funds?

Remembering Jack Bogle
What is Financial Integrity?
Is value investing still relevant?
Society’s economic class disparities
What does it mean to be a Boglehead?
Pros and cons of investment books and blogs
What does it mean to be a patriotic millionaire?
Investing biases, blind spots, fears and indecision
Surviving political turbulence and financial change
Preserving your independence by diversifying your assets
Reimagining retirement - what exactly does retirement mean?
10 worst places to get investment advice & where to find good advice

Mega-backdoor Roths
Tilting to small cap stocks
How to be a regular billionaire
A social security benefits primer
Explaining the inverted yield curve
Sole-proprietor tax sheltered savings plans
How to recession-proof your investment portfolio
Where can good information be found on asset allocations?


🔸 Presentations

Investment Goals 2020
Exploring the Asset Classes
Withstanding Market Volatility
Developing the Right Portfolio
Controlling Your Money in Retirement
Finding the Bottom: Choices During a Bear Market

🔹 Discussions

Exploring the Asset Classes II
Recovery Time after a Crash/Bear Market
Capital Vices (The 7 Deadly Sins of Investing)
Mitigating shortfall risk in a College Education Plan
How Large Pension Funds meet their mandated return goals
Risk inherent in high-return accounts including savings vehicles
Whether to DCA into stocks when rebalancing in volatile market
Managing a tax-deferred account (custodial Roth IRA) for a minor
Motivating/educating family members about finance and investing
New website/coffee mugs for sale to support SABH:
How can an Investor realize income from bonds in a zero-interest rate environment?

Sources of Emergency Cash
Covid-19 infection and herd immunity
What is the current CAPE ratio? What is CAPE?
How to obtain Target AA when rebalancing in a volatile market
When stocks are down, ordinary investors sell. Who is buying, then?
Is it possible to know whether current market values are fairly priced?
When will the economy / markets recover from the impact of the coronavirus?
Things expected to get better due to actions taken in response to coronavirus pandemic


Coming in 2020

▪️ Uncommon Common Sense: Investing in Index Funds

▪️ The Good, The Flawed, the Bad, and The Ugly:
.. . The World of Alternative Investments According to Larry Swedroe

▪️ The Bogleheads’ Happy Hour - Informal Chat and Financial Discussion

▪️ Trading Places | Charting the Demise of Technical Analysis

▪️ How Diversification Works

▪️ Safe & Secure | Avoiding Fraud and Identity Theft


In Sacramento or within 90 minutes? We meet the Second Saturday of each month.
For more information or to reserve a seat, check out the first post in this thread:

Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread

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SABH Topic History [Updated 5/16/20]
Thanks for your interest in
Sacramento Area Bogleheads! ☕

Greg Dietrich - Chapter Coordinator
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Re: Sacramento Area Bogleheads - Topic History

Post by JimMolony » Fri Feb 14, 2020 8:24 pm

Always good discussions and meetings at the Sacramento chapter.

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