Long-time member Nords profiled in Forbes

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Long-time member Nords profiled in Forbes

Post by LadyGeek »

Forum member Nords, a.k.a. Doug Nordman, has been profiled in Forbes. See: This Former Naval Officer Retired At 41 And Despite Two Recessions Has Seen His Portfolio Triple Over 17 Years

Nords is a valued member who is dedicated to helping US military personnel with their finances. He has also contributed to this wiki page: Military finances

Many thanks to Nords for helping our US military forum members. (Also, thank you for your service.)

(Thanks to moderator prudent for spotting the article.)
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Re: Long-time member Nords profiled in Forbes

Post by ThereAreNoGurus »

Thanks for posting. I like reading personal success stories.
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Re: Long-time member Nords profiled in Forbes

Post by PoppyA »

Well done! And I love that you are teaching others. Well done indeed!
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Re: Long-time member Nords profiled in Forbes

Post by Nords »

Thanks everyone!

Ryan Derousseau does a good interview, and I he’s talked with several others in the FI community. He got my name from Kristy Shen, and I gave him a few more names.

I guess that means I’m paying it forward with interviews as well as helping military families.

He got the big picture correct, although a few of the details seem to get lost in translation. For example we kept two years’ expenses in cash for our first decade of retirement (as a hedge against sequence of returns risk), but we drew that down after 2012. Today our actual withdrawal rate is sustainable for life even at fatFIRE living standards.

After 17 years of retirement, I rarely get questions about how to reach FI. That information is widespread, too, so perhaps it’s not as compelling a question as it was in the 1990s. But these days I get a lot of questions about sustainable withdrawal rates, asset allocation (for the world’s longest bull market), and even whether I’m bored yet. (Nope!) I hope these interviews help people visualize what a >80% success ratio means... at least 80% of the time.
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Re: Long-time member Nords profiled in Forbes

Post by Fishing50 »

Thanks for the personalized assistance you provide service members!
We’ll join you FatFI, Fishing at 50, upon military retirement in 2yrs.
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