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Netherlands Chapter - club/diners/meetings

Post by smitNL » Thu Sep 13, 2018 3:30 am

Dear Bogleheads,

My main goal for this topic is to start (or find!) a local chapter in The Netherlands :sharebeer.
For many (social) reasons, for example: general and specific investment discussions + a different tax/retirement systems and tools comparing to the US.

After becoming highly interested in the topics of: "financial independence / retiring early" and reading a lot on different platforms/forum etc, I've also started to read the 'Boglehead Guide of Investing'. About myself: I just registered myself, we're living happily in line with "the keepers/savers" and both me/wife are exploring the matching investment style. All options are still open and 'under research'. :)

Unfortunately, almost nobody in my social network has (or is) seriously taken steps in line with (y)our financial future.
I always find a need for discussing/externally confirming these topics, and would love to find other people in The Netherlands to that enjoy the same.

This forum is incredible knowledgeable/powerfull, and I will share my humble experiences/knowledge along the way.
Thanks for your contributions!

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