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Sacramento Area Bogleheads - FAQs

Post by digarei » Sat Jul 23, 2016 7:36 am

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S a c r a m e n t o A r e a B o g l e h e a d s
Frequently Asked Questions
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SABH Bogleheads® Local Chapter #61

Answers to the following questions

How do I become a member?
When is the next meeting scheduled?
How can I help Sacramento Bogleheads?
Could you send me chapter information?
How do I get a copy of the audio recording?
Mail from Sacramento Bogleheads stopped. Why?
I'm unable to attend meetings. How do I get a transcript?

  • F A Q s
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Q. How do I become a member / attend meetings?

A. To reserve a seat at the next meeting:

  • with your

    a.  [First Last] Name
    b.  [Forum] User name
    c.  E-mail address
    d.  Cell phone number
    e.  City

Q. When do you meet? What do you talk about? Where can I get more information?

A. We usually meet from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM on the Second Saturday of each month.
• • Read about upcoming topics and events in the first post on the master thread.

• • Sacramento Area Bogleheads - Calendar

• • Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread

• • SABH Meeting Statistics on Google Drive

• • For more information or to ask a question concerning the chapter:

Q. I’m unable to attend/was sick/out of town... can you send me a copy of the transcript?

A. No, sorry. Personal details and/or exchanges may be present within the transcript. We want
• • meeting participants to be able to speak candidly and openly, with the reasonable assurance
• • that their words will not be quoted outside the context of the conversation or read by someone
• • with no skin in the game…in other words, strangers. We tend to feel more comfortable about
• • others knowing us on a personal level when we have seen and spoken with them over many
• • months. Those who attend meetings regularly may contact the chapter coordinator to obtain
• • a transcript (when available). Of course, anyone can read the meeting summaries, as they are
• • posted to the forum. Please see the link to Meeting Notes Archive, below.

Q. How do I get an audio recording of the meeting?

A. Audio recording has been used to provide better capture and reporting of discussions.
• • The size of the media file (125 Mb+) required to record a two-hour event precludes
• • distribution via e-mail; however, in December 2016 members agreed that a link
• • to the recording uploaded to a cloud server could be sent to the participants of the
• • meeting and to core members. Please contact a chapter coordinator by email or PM
• • to request access.

Q.I used to receive emails from Sacramento Area Bogleheads (SABH) but they’ve stopped.
• • I enjoyed reading them. What happened?

A. Several possibilities:

• • 1) Mail was diverted to spam

• • Solution: Check your spam or junk folder. If you find mail from SABH, please add
• • our email address to your list of contacts or address book. Some mailers call this
• • a 'white list' or 'people/places'.

• • Explanation: Internet Service Providers and email software subject email to special
• • scrutiny when directed to multiple recipients, sometimes relegating it to unsolicited
• • bulk email (UBE). The email is then removed or diverted to the mailbox's spam folder.
• • We normally send mail to members with email addresses listed as blind cc: as a way
• • of ensuring that mailing list addresses remain confidential. This is a no-cost method
• • of distribution and is used for that reason.

• • 2) We don't have your current email address -or- mail forwarding is not working

• • Solution: Be sure we have your current email address. Send it to
• •

• • If you have mail forwarding set up between your work and home email,
• • for example, test its functionality.

• • 3) Your contact information, including email address, was removed from the SABH mailing list.

• • Solution: If you haven't attended a meeting in a while but are now interested in doing so,
• • send an email with contact information to

• • Explanation: To reduce the effort required to maintain a list of members, contact info
• • for members who haven't attended meetings for a long time is rolled off the list (periodically
• • deleted). Sooner for those who do not attend and haven't responded to email invitations.

• • This helps us know that the list reflects active membership.

• • The main purpose of the list is to coordinate the number of people who attend
• • meetings to ensure that the right number of seats are set up, to have a sufficient
• • number of copies of printed material available as handouts and to comply with the
• • needs of meeting venues, who often ask for estimated and final attendance counts
• • for each event, in exchange for a free or low-cost room provided for us to meet in.
• • Our current venue requires an estimated number of attendees to book the room.
• • It's compared to the actual number attending, which we report after each meeting.

• • Although SABH occasionally publishes content to meeting participants, unlike website
• • blogs, newsletters, commercial sites and subscription services, we are not
• • interested in building or maintaining a large mailing list—and have nothing to sell.

• • You don't need to be on the mailing list to keep up with chapter activities.

• • They are updated on the Bogleheads forum frequently. See the following threads.

• • Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Master Thread
• • viewtopic.php?f=9&t=161311#p2421376

• • Sacramento, CA Area Chapter - Meeting Notes Archive
• • viewtopic.php?p=2666822#p2666822

Q. How can I help?

A. Come to meetings regularly. You can’t help if you’re not there. A discussion group
• • is not much of anything if there are no discussions, and there’s no reason for us to
• • exist at all without participants.

• • Respond to meeting invitations. Make an effort to get to know other members.
• • And let them get to know you, as well. Even if you are confident that your investment
• • goals are on track or already met, there are other reasons to participate—about seven
• • billion of them. Pick one.
• •
• • If you become aware that a member of the chapter needs assistance, offer your own—
• • or bring it to the attention of someone else who can help them. To become a contributor,
• • look around you to identify needs. Volunteer your time and effort to ensure meetings are
• • successful.

• • Look within yourself, to your strengths. You might be a gifted saver... help someone
• • discover or develop their own financial abilities by teaching them how to write a budget,
• • for example.

• • Empathic (empathetic) listening is a powerful drug with known good outcomes. If you’re
• • good at it, practice it. Adept at organizing material and presenting to small audiences?
• • Present your best material on a favorite investing topic. If you’re still scratching your head,
• • identify what makes you happy and pursue this but with someone else as the beneficiary.

• • • • Become a resource • Find your niche • Offer your services
• • •
Thanks for your interest in
Sacramento Area Bogleheads! ☕

Greg Dietrich - Chapter Coordinator
Last Revised 10-03-2017
This page will be updated as necessary
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Sacramento Area Bogleheads - Investor Resources

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