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Post by Abbey10 » Wed Feb 02, 2011 3:29 am

Is there a place/way/has it been done where users can see a book listing and comment whether they read that book and how it helped them? I'll investigate the wiki further..

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Post by ameliawalker » Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:05 pm

One of the oldest (I think) books that I have come across to that I cannot really forget.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying by Shepherd Mead

I just find it so interesting. Light yet with much sense. Ain't that what most would really want? To succeed with less effort and all? Had to be real though, it's not as simple as that. But then, who knows.

Also, when it was made into a movie. That was great. Even young business person can relate. And it seems a revival will be out on Broadway soon too.

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Post by chrisrarmstead » Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:02 pm

Wow. There are some really great resources here. Thanks for sharing.


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Post by billjohnson » Mon Apr 18, 2011 2:12 am

CyberBob wrote:The Bond Book by Annette Thau.

Howard Donnelly
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Post by Howard Donnelly » Sun May 01, 2011 7:55 am

The Millionaire in You, by Michael LeBoeuf.

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Post by envinv » Tue Jun 28, 2011 9:23 am

I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of some different reading material.

I've read a good handful of boglehead approved books listed on this thread and have gotten to the point with these authors that it feels like I'm reading the same thing over and over. I would like to find boglehead books that are less soapbox-ish. I've read about EMT and MPT and it makes sense to me. I'm 100% passively invested in Vanguard index funds. The authors are spending too much time discussing why not to invest in active management styles. I've had my "boglehead kool-aid". I'm tired of reading about the "losers' game". I'm already convinced!

I know the boglehead strategy isn't overly complicated, but there are still plenty of things that I need to learn. Specific topics that come to mind that I want to research are managing taxable and tax advantaged accounts as one retirement portfolio, tax loss harvesting (when to do it, how much to harvest, etc.), and bond topics (why do some boglehead portfolios recommend long term and some recommend short term?).

There is plenty of information that I can learn to become a better educated boglehead, but the books I've been reading are not getting me there. Any ideas or recommendations? Thanks very much in advance.

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Post by JaySee » Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:10 am

oneleaf wrote:Unconventional Success by David Swensen
The Only Guide to a Winning Bond Strategy You'll Ever Need by Larry Swedroe

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I'll definitely have a look at these ones - thanks

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Post by cvito » Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:41 pm

I've been looking for good titles of books about investment. This is helpful!

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Post by cvito » Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:42 pm

Howard Donnelly wrote:The Millionaire in You, by Michael LeBoeuf.
I read this many moons ago -- and I'm telling you, this is really an inspiring book.

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Post by Mel Lindauer » Thu Aug 18, 2011 4:48 pm

cvito wrote:
Howard Donnelly wrote:The Millionaire in You, by Michael LeBoeuf.
I read this many moons ago -- and I'm telling you, this is really an inspiring book.
Yes, Michael's a great writer. Taylor and I enjoyed working with him on our first book, The Bogleheads' Guide to Investing. The end product was so much better because of Michael's involvement and contributions.
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Great Quotes from "The Millionaire in You."

Post by Taylor Larimore » Thu Aug 18, 2011 7:39 pm


You can read many of Michael LeBoeuf's valuable quotes here:

The Millionaire in You
"Simplicity is the master key to financial success." -- Jack Bogle

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Re: Books

Post by peppers » Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:55 pm

I really enjoyed "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing." And after reading "The Battle for the Soul of Capitalism" and "Enough" I have determined that they will be required reading for my adult children and soon after my grandchildren. Currently I am reading "Don't Count On It" and next up will be, yes "The Bogleheads Guide to Retirement Planning". I suspect that they too will end up on the family's required reading menu.

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Re: Books

Post by nodes » Fri Dec 02, 2011 4:47 am


Here my favorite list:

The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham
One up with Wall Street by Peter Lynch
You can be a stock market genius by Joel Greenblatt
Security analysis by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd
Quality of earnings by O'Oglove
The Essays of Warren Buffett by Lawrence Cunningham
Contrarian Investment strategies by David Dreman

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Re: Books

Post by umfundi » Sun Dec 04, 2011 3:31 pm

Surprised not to see this:

How to Get Rich Slowly But Almost Surely: Adventures in Applying the Decision Sciences, William Thomas Morris, Reston Publishing 1973