"Matthew Ratliff" e-mails to members - do not click the link

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Alex Frakt
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"Matthew Ratliff" e-mails to members - do not click the link

Post by Alex Frakt » Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:12 am

We have received multiple reports from members that they have received e-mails (not PMs) with something similar to the following:
"[__]" indicates my deletions
Subject: Bogleheads forum Investment Help
To: [__]

Hi there fellows,
This is a follow up to my recent topic on Bogleheads forum.
I was hoping you guys could give me some insight on my current savings plan and how I could do better.
I’m trying to figure out a good investing/savings plan that I can stick to.
I have the income of $65k.
You can download my current assets/investments pdf files from my online storage
Please see and and evaluate.

I would be to hear your advice on how to tweak some things.
Matthew Ratliff
This appears to be an attempt to get you to go to a malicious site. Do not click the link if you get this message. Just delete it.

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