Close to FI, now planning for RE

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Close to FI, now planning for RE

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Hi everybody

I am asking for some advice on setting up my portfolio for retirement. I have seen a lot of posts in this community on the FI, but not a lot on the RE part. I am very close to (18 months away) from reaching FI (according to my goals set 11 years ago and my recent FIRE calculator) and our family is now planning to sail around the world within 18-24 months. I want to ask some suggestions for setting up my portfolio for minimum maintenance while we sail for 4-6 years.

At them moment I have 60% invested in stocks and ETF's, 20% in commodities (e.g. gold & silver ETF's and Bitcoin) and the rest in cash (20%). I have no bonds. Stocks are in USA and ETF's in Irish domicile.

Thanks for sharing some thoughts.
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