Request IB to accept AED

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Request IB to accept AED

Post by me81 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 1:53 pm

Hi all,

I guess many here are using IB to run their portfolios.. And all of those who do get crazy to find the best way to fund their account, with related expenses and FX fees.. Would it not be awesome to be able to send directly AED to fund your IB account?!? IB offers an FX service at almost 0 cost, so you could turn your AED straight into GBP, USD, EUR or whatever you like, stress free, and fee almost-free..!!

For those who do not know, there is a "Features Poll Request" in IB, where customers can post their request for the service and others vote.. The features with the most "likes" tend to be taken seriously into account by IB.. Here is a link to the homepage of the Features Poll Request ... res%20poll
Please read through, as you need to create a new username, different from your "trading account" one, in order to vote.. It's all written there!

Even better, someone already created the request to add AED as a currency into IB..!! However, in over 2 years, it has only collected 45 votes or so... If we can push it by voting, maybe one day we will have the great privilege of ignoring transfer and FX fees, once and for all..!!

Here is the LINK: ... &sid=13096

..if you care (and you do..!!), please vote..!


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