Interview with ClarkBo: Bogleheads España

For residents of Spain.
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Interview with ClarkBo: Bogleheads España

Post by Barry Barnitz » Thu Jan 02, 2020 8:20 pm


Our brother forum in Spain, Bogleheads España, is approaching its first anniversary on January 4, 2020. In honor of this occasion, ClarkBo, one of the founders of the site, has kindly consented to an interview on Financial Page, our affiliate blog. The interview is in Spanish, however with two clicks in our blog's google translate module you can read a rough translation into English.

Here is the link to our interview: Entrevista con ClarkBo: Bogleheads España.

Gracias, ClarkBo.

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Re: Interview with ClarkBo: Bogleheads España

Post by Elena » Thu Jan 02, 2020 10:20 pm

Thank you! It will be interesting to read. I still do not understand how it is so hard for Spanish citizens to replicate what we do here in the US, especially cost-wise. I do not know who to blame (banks, regulators, investors). Why are all commissions/fees/ratios not only much higher but also quite alike between custodians and providers? I do not see any competition to attract investors, much less any educational initiative.

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Re: Interview with ClarkBo: Bogleheads España

Post by DKBO » Fri Jan 03, 2020 5:02 pm

Thank you Barry for the opportunity and tour continuous support and collaboration, greatly appreciated.

We are in the medieval age in Spain when it comes to investments. What I mean is that all interests (media, banks, ads...) are put in the fund managers and NOT in the investors so it's really difficult for us to access quality products, like Vanguard, without extra fees... And this is for the few ones who knows about indexing and passive investments... We are far away from our American colleagues though we are moving forward step by step... by step :-)

A big hug from your brother Spanish forum!

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