One fund ESG ETF - British expat based in Thailand

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One fund ESG ETF - British expat based in Thailand

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Hello everyone,

Many thanks for all the helpful and supportive posts.

I have an IBKR account and am making my first investments, as a British expat based in Thailand. An estimated 50% of my savings will be used, as the rest is within a fixed term savings account, as we expect to buy a house within a few years with those funds.

I am looking for a very simple 1 or 2 fund ETF portfolio as follows a) filters for ESG b) USD c) domiciled in Ireland d) likely all cap e) accumalating. I have been reviewing my options and found the following:

Vanguard ESG Global All Cap UCITS ETF (USD) Accumulating (V3AA) - any thoughts on this as a one fund portfolio? Are there any alternatives that follow my criteria above that are demonstrably better, for example in terms of broad exposure or better ESG criteria? I'm well aware of the debates around ESG and prefer not to engage in them here if possible. But welcome others experienced advice to get the right 1-2 funds. I plan to set and forget.

For some reason, V3AB which is listed as USD is only buyable for me in GBP. That's why I've put V3AA instead. If anyone can explain this too, I'd appreciate it

Thank you!

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