Undervalued Stock Picks [UK]

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Undervalued Stock Picks [UK]

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I will agree that international stocks are more undervalued, and maybe some time has passed but I found your forum by searching on the internet for undervalued stocks.

I am a 20yr-experienced investor, with most of my history in Greece, but right now the largest part of my portfolio is in the UK

Some of my biggest positions are $ZYT.L (Zytronic), BT.A (BT Group) and Creightons(CRL.L). But then I have severeal small positions. One of them is $ITV. It was presented on London Value Investing Club lately, with 3 more other stocks.
What is your opinion on them?
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Re: Undervalued Stock Picks [UK]

Post by jg12345 »

I have no opinion on them, especially related to a buy/sell decision.

The reason here is that no one on the forum would know better than traders who have: 1) software built by top PhD financial mathematics/economists/etc., 2) years of education and experience on the topic, 3) 50h-60h / week to evaluate the decision, 4) data that is very expensive to acquire.

The current market price reflects the upside/downside risk probabilities of the stock, based on what traders know.

So my opinion is to buy FTSE all world or MSCI ACWI with the money you have invested on those stock picks. You could keep 5% of the total portfolio to pick stocks for your own fun, knowing that 1) if you lose money, that's the expected base case, 2) if you make money, it's an exception that will not happen again
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