Inheriting a Vanguard IRA - US expat living & working in Germany

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Inheriting a Vanguard IRA - US expat living & working in Germany

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My mother-in-law died recently and designated her grandchildren to be the beneficiaries of her Vanguard IRA.

One of the grandchildren is my daughter, a US citizen, who lives in Germany and works for a German employer.

She has tried Vanguard's online application to inherit her portion of grandma's IRA. She is using our (parental) US address on the application but when she gets to the part where they ask about employment, the employer address fields are only set up for domestic US addresses. We are stumped here.

Her German employer does have a NYC operation but she is an employee of the German parent company, not the entity in NYC, so she is reluctant to use the NYC address for the Vanguard application.

Compounding the problem is that all 4 grandhildren have to apply to Vanguard individually, and all 4 applications have to be accepted by Vanguard before Vanguard will effect the Inherited IRA transfers to any of the 4 grandchildren.

Can anyone suggest a path to follow with the application ... or a financial institution that can open an account for an expat and also enable an Inherited IRA transfer from Vanguard?
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