I set up EIN & LLC but my business came to a halt

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I set up EIN & LLC but my business came to a halt

Post by sagittarius » Fri Feb 14, 2020 2:48 pm

I'm located in Australia. I started to sell products on eBay USA, purchasing products from suppliers in the US and having them dropship it to customers in the US. After about 3 month of selling I started to charge sales tax and about a month after that (with about $3000 in revenue), I filed for an LLC and Sales tax Certificate.

And just as it got approved and I received my documents, my eBay store was banned for some technical issues, so I no longer operate in the USA and haven't charged any sales tax since.

Since then I have set up my own Website but it's not operating under the same business model and have not had many sales and have not been profitable. Since I don't buy any stock from US suppliers and while I still sell to some US based customers, I don't sell exclusively to US customers (the goods are shipped from outside the US) I don't see it being treated as something I need to report to the IRS and especially since I don't collect any sales tax and it's not even a profitable Website. I've only been reporting the transactions to the Australian tax office.

At the same time I also have a business where I only buy and sell in Australia.

My concern is:

1. I'm still receiving emails from the IRS/state revenue asking me to report my income
2. I just recently received a 1099-K from Paypal saying that it needs to be lodged to the IRS. And on that form it has all of my AUD transactions included from my main business in Australia

Any help/advice would be appreciated.

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