How to find right stocks to invest

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How to find right stocks to invest

Post by Eliot03 »

Hi, I am a new one on the website. Let’me introduce my self. My name is Eliot, I am a French man of 19 years old and I am studying in economics. Since few years financial markets interest me and I recently started to investing on (since 4 days). So I m a novice and one of my problems is that it’s hard for me to find good stocks/funds or any asset. I don’t know if it’s logic cause on one hand if it was easy to find a stock with low risk and good yields everyone would be rich. But on the other hand, i think that there are tings that I have to know to do good investment?
So here it is my problem, I hope my English is understandable and sorry for the mistakes of language if there are a some.
Thank you for your time !
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Re: How to find right stocks to invest

Post by danielbird193 »

This site doesn't usually talk about picking individual stocks to buy, but is more focussed around a whole investment methodology (a whole lifestyle for some) which uses low-cost index-tracking funds to achieve investment returns.

Take a look at these sites on the Wiki which may be of interest:
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Re: How to find right stocks to invest

Post by assyadh »

Eliot, as a french man, you probably want to start with a PEA with Bourse direct and invest in CW8.

Now if you don't understand the line above, I highly suggest you start with ... _investors

In the meantime, as a french man, I highly suggest you to open a PEA, and put 10 euros in it, in cash. Do the same thing with an Assurance Vie from Linxea (Linxea Avenir), it starts at 100 eur. Just so you lock in the dates for good tax treatment.

Once you will have read enough, you'll come back to these accounts and understand what to do :sharebeer
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