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[wiki] navigation in non-us wiki

Post by BeBH65 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:06 am


These last months the "non-Us" wiki has grown a lot.

In the past the focus has been on the various country pages suplemented with some very technical pages on portfolio management and taxation.
We had some general/generic pages like "EU investing" and "Investing from outside of the US" and of course the outline page.

The new pages focus on portfolio construction and the choice of funds.
We now have also "Getting started: non-us investors" and "Investing start-up kit for non-US investors" under construction.
To properly explain these topics the pages describe a lot of concepts. I feel there is some duplication in these pages.

Over the next weeks I will strive to pull some of this information into some new pages; I think about "Asset-Allocation for non-US investor", At the same time. Don't hesitate to provide feedback or edit the pages yourself.

Additional topics:
How could we best organise the "entry points" for the new-readers? I think here about:
- Investing from outside of the US
- EU investing
- Getting started: non-us investors
- Investing start-up kit for non-US investors

Do we need a stronger separation in the non-US pages? pages for "US investors abroad" and "non-US investors"

How can we optimise the maintenance of the list of boglehead funds in the different county pages? . Ideally It would be good to maintain the list of "good" funds in one page and then "include" the selection that is applicable for one country in the country page. E.G. for Belgium I would include the accumulating funds that have base currency Euro. Is there some way in wiki to create tables that can then be included in pages selecting on soem values in the columns? Something like the "filtering" in excel.
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Re: [wiki] navigation in non-us wiki

Post by oogZoo » Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:58 pm

Just a thought:

As a new board member from Europe this feels kind of backwards. Why not just label US specific stuff as US specific, EU specific as EU specific, and leave the generic stuff unlabeled? It feels strange if everything is by default US specific unless labeled as "non-US". Most of the stuff in the wiki is rather generic and easy enough to adapt to another locality when reading.

(Of course I do understand that the history of this community is quite US specific. However as a new member it feels strange to be labeled as an outsider if I am not from there...)

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Re: [wiki] navigation in non-us wiki

Post by TedSwippet » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:28 pm

oogZoo wrote:
Wed Sep 11, 2019 4:58 pm
Why not just label US specific stuff as US specific, EU specific as EU specific, and leave the generic stuff unlabeled?
That's pretty much the approach I've been taking up to now, although the split is not US/EU but rather US/non-US. It resulted from a wiki authors' discussion some months ago. Links here, though I'm not sure non-authors will be able to read these threads(?):


There are clear cases where wiki pages are either obviously irrelevant to or dangerous to non-US investors (recommendations for US domiciled ETFs, for example), and these get the US specific tag. There are also clear cases where pages are obviously irrelevant to or dangerous to US investors (Ireland domiciled ETFs, a tax death sentence for US investors), and these get the non-US tag. A few pages cover both US and non-US, so these are Global.

Otherwise, a page is an unlabeled blank. An unlabeled page might be generic, but it also might be part generic and part specific US. Marking these latter ones is both impossible and probably undesirable; they do not fit neatly into any category, and there are an awful lot of them. Pretty much the bulk of the wiki, in fact.

The reality is that the current wiki grew organically within a US specific context, and uprooting it to force in full internationalisation and localisation is far too invasive to retrofit at this stage. The best we can hope is that readers recognise the parts of it that are unlabeled but which don't apply to their specific circumstances. Mostly that seems to be working.

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Re: [wiki] navigation in non-us wiki

Post by LadyGeek » Thu Sep 12, 2019 9:07 am

oogZoo, Welcome! You are certainly not an outsider. The wiki is focused on US investors simply because the majority of the wiki editors are from the US.

For example - I am a wiki administrator and I am a resident of the US. I have experience with US investments, so I write articles on those topics. (I will certainly assist with non-US topics as best as I can.)

As the forum non-US membership increases, so does the number of non-US wiki editors. If the editors have the available time and interest to improve the wiki for non-US investors, it will be done.

The wiki editors work very hard to ensure that the content -

- represents a consensus of the Bogleheads forum members
- aligns with Wikipedia editorial policies and format. We use the same software as Wikipedia and we copy as much of their format as possible.

The wiki editors have a private forum that is only accessible to wiki editors. In that forum, we discuss administrative details related to the Wikipedia software and policy. Also, we review draft articles that may not be ready for the general readership.

TedSwippet is linking to two threads in the private wiki editor's forum. The first one is titled "Best strategy for links to other wiki articles from non-US investor pages?", which is similar to this discussion - but digs into the administrative details.

The second thread is "Change 'International stock' to 'Non-US stock'" which is our effort to change the wiki from a "US" focus to a "non-US" focus. The "international stock" reflects the perspective of a US investor. Based on that discussion, every reference in the wiki was changed to "Non-US" stock. (There is an additional question on small cap stock which we can address in that thread.)

Depending on the topic, wiki editors may post a thread in either the private wiki editor's forum or a "public" forum like this one.

Administrative detail: When logged in, wiki editors will see the private forum thread on the Bogleheads.org home page.
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