Amerisave Mortgage

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Amerisave Mortgage

Post by mitchapalooza »

Anyone used them? How was your experience? They appear to have good programs and rates available but I'm leary of an online mortgage lender only b/c I've never used one. TIA.
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by jamacq »

I'm in the middle of a refi with them. A little slow to respond to questions but so far the process seems to be moving along. Rates are very good compared to NFCU, PENFED, etc. I'm getting 3.5% with reduction in closing costs (negative points), resulting in almost no closing costs.
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by Dr. Gaius Baltar »

My experience was good, it took 45 days from start to close, I got a very competitive rate.

There were times when my questions were not answered quickly or accurately and my mortgage processor was on vacation for what seemed like half the refinance process. There were times when documents were requested to be sent in twice, I guess they forgot the last time that I sent them in. I didn't really have an accurate view of where I would stand with regards to the closing costs, and the good faith estimates had huge discrepancies with the final estimate, but in the end it worked out for the best, and the closing costs ended up being substantially less than what I had thought, which made me very happy because I saved a great deal of extra money.

It was a lot of effort, and it was slow-going, but if I had a year to recover, I would gladly do it again due to all the money I saved.
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by Locke30 »

I worked for them five years ago, they were very upfront and honest with borrowers when I was there. You'll close with what you're quoted when you rate lock provided that they can verify all the information in your application as accurate. They also never got involved in the whole subprime mess. We did have a few subprime products but it was never a focus of the business.
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by norookie »

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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by Pacific »

I looked at Amerisave, PenFed, and some others for a re-fi. Closed last month with PenFed which had better deal and easier to communicate with. Amerisave, however, has continued sending me emails about every other day (I am probably exaggerating here). I have tried marking them as spam but they keep on coming. I don't know how to stop them!
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by runnergirl »

Have done two refi's with them. Some of their processors are unresponsive or inexperienced but I finally got one who was good and will only work with him in the future. Good rates and no surprises at closing. I like that they send a settlement person to your house at your convenience (even weeknights or weekends) so you don't have to go anywhere.
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by ted123 »

I'm refinancing through Amerisave right now. So far, my overall impression is favorable.

My initial "senior processor" was very helpful, though a bit slow to respond to a couple voicemails/emails I sent him, and the "dashboard" on the website that's supposed to allow me to track the process hasn't always been helpful.

The process has been a bit slower than expected. The initial emails from Amerisave indicated that they typically close on refinances within 30 days. As it stands now, I expect that we'll be close to 60 days by the time we close. The processor that was subsequently assigned to me assured me that they would extend the rate lock if necessary (and I'm not that concerned anyway, as current rates are slightly better than what I locked in at). The second processor has been very good at providing updates during underwriting approval to manage my expectations about the timing.

The appraiser told me that Amerisave had been completely inundated with refinance requests during the week I started mine, which probably explains the slower than anticipated processing.
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Re: Amerisave Mortgage

Post by vtjon »

Has anyone had experience with Amerisave on a purchase transaction? I've done several refinances remotely (PenFed, Wells Fargo, etc) and they have gone smoothly. However, I am wondering since I will need to close with a local attorney, if that makes it more challenging. I'm in Virginia if it matters.
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