IT job satisfaction

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Re: IT job satisfaction

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I re-careered into IT after 15 years in marketing. I became a self taught, stand up IT trainer. Back in early 90s I did the MS Office & Lotus Suite thing. Then, became a certified Lotus Notes Instructor training admins and programmers...and making a nice chunk of change. I've been working with Epic EMR (electronic medical records) the last 7 years in Chicago, training physicians. You get to play with a computer all day, show people how to better their lives, and work with professionals.

Yes you have to maintain your knowledge thru education & certifications. However, with every healthcare organization in the country HAVING to convert to an electronic medical record by 2015, I've got a little job security.
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Re: IT job satisfaction

Post by goodbishop »

sunnyday wrote:If you work/worked in the IT field, how satisfied are you with your job and what is your education and experience? Do you get excited about your work or do you dread Mondays?

I have a degree in Computer Engineering from a very good university and have 10 years of experience as a web applications / database developer. I enjoy the field and feel it's a great fit for me.

My current job has some great benefits -- job security, decent pay, great work life balance. It also has some downsides -- I've reached a bit of a ceiling (I work mostly with non-tech people), it's not a very motivating environment and there are some major politics.

On a scale of 1 to 5 my overall satisfaction level goes between a 2 and 4. I feel fortunate to have my job yet don't want to become complacent.
11 years experience, B.S in IT, MBA almost done, a bazillion certifications, and out of 1-5, I'm a 6. I love what I do, got a great boss, and I have what I need to succeed at work.

Plus in the past two years I feel as if I am being paid fairly for what I am worth, which is a darn good feeling.

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Re: IT job satisfaction

Post by rob »

Just over 25 years in IT for me......

* I would NOT pick the career based on what it is today. Too much "cheapest" & "fastest" over "quality" & "care" and far too much petty politics at all levels & bean-counting.
* I don't hate Monday's especially.... all days are equally hated :-)
* There are VERY few items that are interesting/exciting - they pop up now and then but few and far between.
* A lot of projects are doomed before they start and not really adding what I see as value for the org as a whole (lots of empire building).
* For a very long time, it was not like it is today - probably I've changed some but I think the industry has changed to a commodity now.

I see some people have found great pockets and that's great for you and great to see there are bits out there..... The segment of the industry I see and from friends and past colleagues is not bright.
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Re: IT job satisfaction

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24 years. I have many of the complaints listed previously. Job satisfaction is usually between a 2-3. Right now it's a 1. Too many unrealistic deadlines, depleted staff, politics, pressure to keep learning new technologies (the cloud!!!) with no training, alcoholic co-worker who nobody knows how to deal with, chauvenistic, bigoted boss, etc……Plotting my departure…..
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Re: IT job satisfaction

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Hey, I remember this thread! :D Things have pretty much stayed the same for me. I got tired enough of my job that I created a goal/plan to be financially independent by the time I'm 45, so at least I can find something else to do then if I want.
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