Cost of living comparison

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Cost of living comparison

Post by amador »

Does anyone know of reliable places to do a cost of living comparison study?

Pages I've seen are,, and

I've had a job offer in another state and the college I work at is willing to make a counter-offer, provided that I do a market study that shows cost of living comparison between my location and theirs. The differences between these sites are many. I guess that the more honest approach would be averaging them?

Bankrate places a 55k salary in the city I got the offer from as the equivalent of 77k in the city I live in, while for the other pages is more between 60-62k. I guess the real difference lies on how much weight you give to real estate.

Thanks all!
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Post by grberry »

Don't forget the government one - the Bureau of Labor Statistics has regional and city CPI values as well as the headline national average. They have reorganized their website since I last dug out those, but will be a good starting point.
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Post by bonghead » is quite good. You simply enter your salary in one location, and where you plan to move, and it calculates how much you must earn in the new location to maintain roughly the same lifestyle.

You might also find the government per diem rates useful if you're going to be doing a hotel and dining out at the destination. For that, see
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