403b rule of 55 - previous employers

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403b rule of 55 - previous employers

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I have a question about the rule off 55 in your 403b account from previous employers.
Example. I have a 403b and change companies at the age of 52. I roll over my previous 403b into a new employer's 403b. I stay with that company until 56. Can I withdraw only the contributions made while employed with company b, or can I withdraw the entire amount? (whether or not this is a smart thing is a whole other debate- but trying to figure out if I will mess up plans to retire early if I change jobs later in my career.


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Re: 403b rule of 55 - previous employers

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Pretty sure it is all available to you after post 55 separation. Once you rolled it in from the previous employer it's now a part of the newest 403b. All of it , no caveats.

Edit: you are then subject to the new 403b's rules. For ex my rules state one time distribution only.
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