First National Bank (PA) - HELOC

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First National Bank (PA) - HELOC

Post by chet96 »

Hey folks:

Throwing this out to the group.

Does anyone use this bank for a HELOC? They appear to have a 2.49 rate (for over 100k). There appears to be an option to "lock" the rate.

But generally customer service reviews are not the greatest. And frankly, I would rather work with my local credit union. (I'm slowly moving my bank accounts more local).

The need is not immediate, but I am thinking of setting up the line now for some future renovations.
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Re: First National Bank (PA) - HELOC

Post by Silk McCue » offers a Prime -1.01% -> 2.24% currently in PA for LOC >$50k. We have one in Florida.

Local means zero to me as I don’t need a local relationship with the provider anymore than I do with my credit card provider.

If the option to lock a rate is important to you then you should request specifics in writing as to how that rate is set.

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Re: First National Bank (PA) - HELOC

Post by slickracer »

Good luck in getting them to ever close the loan.
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Re: First National Bank (PA) - HELOC

Post by xerxes101 »

+1 for Third Federal HELOC...a professional organization in my experience.
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