CA Home refinanced - multiple 1098 Turbotax

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CA Home refinanced - multiple 1098 Turbotax

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I had a home in CA which I purchased in 2017. I refinanced the loan in June 2020. The purchase and refinanced amounts are less than $540K.

I received two 1098 form from Bank A and B.

Total Interest paid to Bank A [JP Morgan Chase] (originating) : $10,484

Total Interest paid to Bank B [Censlar Bank] (new loan) : $6,547

For the federal return, it calculates the total interest as ~$17K, which is correct.

For Bank A 1098 form, I answered the questions correctly that this loan was refinanced and nothing was taken out.

When we move to the CA state tax filing (see attached), it shows California Home Mortgage Loan Balance Information and puts in the value for both the loans. I entered the ending balance correctly, Bank A as 0 and Bank B as present in 1098. However, it calculates more refund when i entered these values.

a) I am not sure if TurboTax is considering these as 2 separate loans for CA state tax

b) Why was there more refund from CA state tax when I entered the entered ending balance. The refund increase by about $100

Am I missing something here, or is the workflow correct?

More details can be found here: ... 00/2245795
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