Retiree Portfolio Model and Roth Conversions

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Retiree Portfolio Model and Roth Conversions

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Next year I will need to take my RMD. I have about 3.2M in tIRAs and about 800K in Roth IRA's. I have been doing Roth conversions of about 100K/year for the last few years.

I am trying to figure out whether it makes sense to withdraw more, above and beyond the RMD, and convert that to a Roth(which I thought I could do).

I thought I could do the analysis using the RPM spreadsheet. I have selected to include Roth conversions but I do not see any Roth conversions,

Any ideas?
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Re: Retiree Portfolio Model and Roth Conversions

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You may get more visibility by asking in the main Retiree Portfolio Model thread.
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Re: Retiree Portfolio Model and Roth Conversions

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In the "setup" worksheet

In the Modeling Options section (the green section before section 1), Include Roth Conversions = "y" (it will say "included" in red off to the right)

Green Section 10: Optional Roth Conversions
I use the "method to use" = "e" (entered yearly amounts) as opposed to the "calculated" method.
Then down in the table for "METHOD 2: entered" enter the amount you want to convert, by year, in the Conversion column just to the right of your age
I couldn't get "method 1: calculated" to work for me, but then I didn't try terribly hard as soon as I saw Method 2 and switched over to it

At this point, if you go back to the dark blue Results Summary at the very top of the Setup worksheet you will see a $ number for Roth Conversions which match the sum of the conversions you entered in the table in section 10. Also the Roth conversions will show up in an Orange arrow in the Portfolio Cash Flow Diagram at the top right of the setup worksheet.
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