Any interesting and unusual assets or markets you follow?

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Any interesting and unusual assets or markets you follow?

Post by shelanman »

I've been having lots of fun the last month or two following an unusual market that I'm interested in -- the trading card game market -- and I thought that maybe other folks here would be interested in chatting about it or have other similar odd markets that they're obsessively interested in and would like to chat about.

So, the trading card game market. Hoo boy. The big player in the space is Hasbro's "Magic: the Gathering". All of the high-end pieces have been heading to the moon since June -- with a wide variety of products -- both sealed, unopened boxes of cards and single cards -- from the first 5 years of the game seeing 100%+ returns.

The market for newer product is hot too, though not as crazy. Basically, if you own anything that is desirable and from pre-2012, you've done really well this year.

But then there's the new hot game that is at least as much madness as bitcoin: "Flesh & Blood". Items that were first released in the far-distant past of "August 2020" were, at the height of the market about 10 days ago, selling for 9x their August MSRP.

Then, suddenly, about 10 days ago, the market decided it was done. It stopped clearing and prices eroded. Items that were $500 6 months ago and $4,000 3 weeks ago are back to $1,500 in a now sluggish market.

But the ride up was exciting. For a couple of weeks, some items we're moving 10% and 15% per day every day.

Anybody else fascinated by this market or have another odd market they watch?
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Re: Any interesting and unusual assets or markets you follow?

Post by Pandemic Bangs »

Yes, but like the other readers of and non-responders to this post, I am either too embarrassed or too worried that I will be identified by this or linked to this. :D

But it is fun to follow a niche market. Mine is nowhere near as artificial as yours -- that one seems like a manipulated market and not a level playing field, imo.
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Re: Any interesting and unusual assets or markets you follow?

Post by phxjcc »

Real Estate

STVR occupancy rates, per my property manger.
Why. A good indicator of disposable income.

Listing-to-pending time (days) on sales of SFH.
Why. Good indicator of demand/supply balance.

Both local to the areas I care about.
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Re: Any interesting and unusual assets or markets you follow?

Post by 123 »

I came upon a Bogleheads post that discussed a small thinly traded ETF that tracked my ancestral homeland (2 generations back). I had never even thought to look for one. I bought a small position (less than 1% of our assets) and enjoy tracking its activity.
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Re: Any interesting and unusual assets or markets you follow?

Post by honduranhurricane »

My oldest son was active on the Magic Card market years ago (when he was a very competitive player). He made some $ trading cards. I just chuckled back then at there actually being a market for those cards.

Just recently tossed out a couple thousand Magic cards, he left them when he moved out 10 years ago. He told me he had the valuable ones at his condo (where he has even more cards than I tossed) so I was free to dump them. Maybe he is still trading? (He invests in traditional assets as well.) I will let him know where you say prices are (he may already be aware).
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